Practice Poverty

What would you do when poverty strikes unexpectedly?

About which you have never sensed or dreamt of.

Yeah naturally,a lot of negative emotions flow through your mind.

You become pathetic,

You become miserable,

You become depressed,

You become hopeless,

You will find it very difficult to move on

How would you react if you have practiced poverty earlier?

You may feel low for a while,but you carry on with your life with a shrug

Therefore once in a while practice poverty!

So that when it strikes you can face it

Tips on how to practice poverty:

1.Wear your worst clothes

2.Dont use AC or a fan

3.Bath in cold water,because you can’t afford a greaser or even an induction coil

4.Dont spend on cosmetics,perfumes,deodorants

5.Eat just to survive

6.Stop spending on entertainment,mobile etc

7.Use public transport for travel

8.Dont cook at home as you cannot afford a gas stove or even a Kerosene stove

9.Eat bun instead of pizza

10.Drink water instead of beverages

….yeah I know it,there is no end for the list

You can add 10 more points to this list

Practice poverty atleast once in a month

So that you can accept poverty once it strikes you

You may think,why will it strike me

Haven’t you heard stories of millionaires becoming penniless in a single day

Aren’t you aware of how things can change suddenly

Therefore practice poverty once in a month

Finally I wish all my readers a good and prosperous life…but keep in mind any thing can happen in life

Even if poverty doesn’t strike you,you will atleast understand what poverty is

You will understand,how the poor are suffering

You will understand how unfortunate some people are

You take nothing

What did you bring with you?

Do you think whatever that you are having with you is yours?

If it’s yours till when?


Are you immortal?

What are you going to take with you?

Speak out!

I question again.

What are you going to take with you?

What did the people who have lived and gone taken with them?

Why worry,argue,fight,kill for the temporary things of your temporary stay?

As long as you stay make life a pleasent experience for you and others.

Boredom buster

Are you bored with your life,these tips will instantly bust it.


  1. Imagine today is going to be the last day of your life
  2. Write down a list of things you would do if today is the last day of your life
  3. Yeah,you will get a huge list of things to do
  4. Prioritize the most important things to do today
  5. Spend the day as per your priorities
  6. At the end of the day,write down all the things you have done today and also the things you could not do today
  7. Do this excersice daily,I gaurentee that there will be no space for boredom in your life

The problem with all of us is,we think that we have time,we procrastinate,we postpone things for tomorrow that never comes.Tomorrow is not in our hands.The only thing we have in our hands is today.Live wisely.


He was happy enjoying his life,

Like a sheep

Moving freely in the plains,

Eating,Playing and Sleeping,

Unaware of the thoughts in the butchers mind,

That will one fine day materialize,

Into its Miserable END,his Miserable END