My tutor had come home with his beautiful daughter and son. I did not expect him as it was late in the evening. I wondered why he brought his daughter and son. Both our families started chatting with each other. I wondered whether my parents invited their family to a get to gather. I never spoke to my tutors daughter, I never knew her in person. To my wonder she started speaking to me in a manner that, others may think we knew each other for decades. Being a friendly guy, I too started conversing with her. After having snacks and coffee they left to a nearby shopping mall. Coincidentally we too had to go to the shopping mall. Coincidentally the mall was filled with friends and we’ll wishers. To my shock my tutors daughter proposed her love to me in front of everybody. Being a bachelor who was searching for matches for so long, I felt it was worth the wait to find such a beautiful woman. It was wonderful to get proposed by a beautiful woman. I accepted her proposal. There was a thunderous applause in the shopping mall. I heard my pet dog barking, I found myself lying on my bed, slowly came back to my senses and realized that it was the most beautiful dream I ever had. Hoping that it would have been wonderful if the dream was true, I took my pet dog for a walk

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