The story of blacky

4. The incident: Blacky was chased for at least half an hour by a moron who was associated with a school next to our office. He was of the opinion that it would be dangerous for kids if a dog is nearby the premises of the school. Fed up, unable to chase it away that moron left. Yeah I choose to call him a moron as he had even tried to throw a brick on it.Blacky was so terrified by the way it was chased. Shocked it just sat still. As usual the cab had come and I had left the place with thoughts pouring into my mind. What if that moron again comes back again? What would it be like if I never would be able to see my friend again? I felt miserable thinking of the fact that I was unable to convince the moron that it was harmless and actually it loved kids. On that day I made a decision to adopt blacky as my pet…TO BE CONTINUED

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