The story goes on with the speed of a sloth

1He has now learnt that in order to have peace of mind, he should stop thinking of thoughts that make him batty. He also learnt that he should always keep himself engrossed. He’s keeping himself occupied with his new hobby. There is a lot for him to learn to make his new hobby admirable

Death pathway

If there is anything that makes him contemplate it is DEATH.

In his own words ‘So this is the end? To lie inert on the funeral pyre with lamenting mortals around, moving to the crematorium in a van, a person throwing out flowers onto the road from the van, the flowers tracing the path from his condo to the bone orchard. It’s hard to digest the fact that this is the END of all mortals. I would be happy if there is life after death in one form or other’

He doesn’t socialize; his interactions with the society are limited. He never parties on weekends and he rarely goes to the theater. He is a teetotaler and he rarely smokes…To be continued

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